Meet Cameron Frost

Cameron FrostCameron Frost has been passionate about charity work for many years. His primary areas of interest are LGBT rights and equality, as well as human and animal welfare.

Growing up in a small Oregon town, Cameron witnessed a great deal of intolerance and homophobia. As a result, after high school he moved to Southern California in order to live freely and pursue his career as a photographer. Through that work, he was able to raise several thousand dollars for LGBT charities including the Human Rights Campaign, Trevor Project, and GLASS in the form of photo shoots and print donations. He has also indirectly helped the efforts of Equality Florida through his work with Excelsior Media.

Cameron is an avid animal lover and spends most of his free time with his French Bulldog. He contributes to the ASPCA on a regular basis and is active on Crowdrise, trying to raise money for organizations such as PetSmart Charities, Amazon Cares and the Animal Foundation. 

Through his photography, Cameron hopes that he will be able to become even more involved in charity work, while at the same time inspiring others to do the same.

About Animal Charity Involvement

Animal charities exist for many reasons including for those people who can no longer care for their pets. Additional reasons might include:

  • Pet and animal breeding might cause unwanted animals that need homes
  • People abandon animals once they become too big to care for
  • Pets are bought for children, but they cannot care for them
  • Pets are bought as accessories when in “fashion” and then discarded not long after

Charities seek to improve the lives of pets and animals across the United States. Charities hope to take elderly or sick pets and put them in another home if their owners no longer want them. Many charities offer free or discounted animal care. There are different types of pet charities in the US including those to assist pets such as tortoises, snakes, birds as well as other types. Charities also hope to provide clean, safe and controlled spaces for these animals to protect them from any type of bad circumstance. You can choose to volunteer at  pet charity by partaking in such activities as cleaning cages, walking dogs, playing with the animals and helping to feed them. In order to learn about pet charities and how to help them, contact your local shelters and ask how you can assist them!